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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Squatter's Rights: What It Is and What It Is Not

    “I’ve been cutting that field for years with my tractor. I probably have squatter’s rights to it.” That was said to me by a client several years ago. He was asking me about a vacant lot next to his land. He had driven his tractor over the field on a weekly basis for many years. What’s more, everyone in the area thought that he owned the land . Did he now have any rights to the land? And, what are ...
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  • Choosing the Right Lawyer

    I once was in court and saw a person trying to represent himself. After losing his case, the deflated soul told the judge that he never hired a lawyer and didn’t know how to go about finding the right person. The judge said to him “Son, they come in all price ranges and all personality types. Good luck.” Indeed, choosing the right lawyer can be a difficult task—but it certainly is a decision that ...
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  • Neighbor Law Basics

    Good fences do not always make good neighbors—sometimes you need a good lawyer. Often I have had friends reach out to me when they had a problem with the neighbors’ tree limbs, or the neighbor has turned his backyard into a scrap yard, or the neighbor plays Willie Nelson at all hours for all the neighbors to hear. Problems such as these can make life at home quite unpleasant. And like anything ...
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  • Calling It Quits: Dealing With a Disloyal Employee

    Imagine: An employee leaves and sets up shop, using your documents, your methods, your ideas and worse yet, your customers. Maybe it is not hard to imagine. Maybe it has happened to you. Many business owners feel that they need to have an employment contract or a non-compete agreement to rein in employees who strike out on their own. While contractual protections are great, they are not the only ...
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  • What to Do When You've Been in an Accident

    Call 911 and have the police prepare a crash report. If you put down this article after reading the first sentence (and remember it), I will have accomplished something. After a car accident , you may not be in any condition to call 911. And, even if you are not terribly injured, people sometimes feel squeamish, embarrassed or just plain scared and do not want to call the police. Worse yet, the ...
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  • Full Coverage Is Not Always Enough Coverage: Understanding Your Automobile Insurance Policy

    In our law practice, we routinely meet with clients who have been seriously injured in a car accident . When we ask clients about their automobile insurance coverage, we often hear the same familiar phrase: “I have full coverage.” To us, “full coverage” should mean that you have enough insurance coverage to compensate you in the event that you are injured. The person who caused the collision may ...
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  • Contesting a Will

    As a litigator, I often receive calls from people who want to contest the will of a loved one. They are often shocked to learn what the will revealed or the other typical scenario is that a person had a will for many years, but then, in the final days, decided to change it, to the great surprise of friends and family. What can be done? Are there grounds to contest the will? The threshold question ...
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  • Attorneys Leonard C. Heath, Jr., Joseph F. Verser, and Shawn W. Overbey named 2015 Top Lawyers in Coastal Virginia Magazine

    For their remarkable success in various areas of litigation, the three were voted 2015 Top Lawyers in Coastal Virginia by Coastal Virginia Magazine. This honor is only the most recent to be awarded to some of the partners of the Newport News-based firm Heath, Overbey, Verser & Old, PLC. Attorney Leonard C. Heath, Jr. is an accomplished trial lawyer focusing on personal injury, business litigation, ...
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